Silktracker Ambient Voice-Over Music Volume 1

Sep 25, 2014


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Silktracker is a unique artist recently signed to Eartastic Records.  He provides instrumental music for use by voice-over artist.  This music can be used as a bed for any of your TV or Radio commercial advertisements. Silktracker’s CD consist of a hodgepodge of soundtracks that can easily fit many genres so make sure you listen to the entire collection to pick out the best tracks for your projects. For example,  just loop out appropriate sections and add voice-overs.  You can use these tracks with your voice-overs to reach prospects and turn them into paying clients. 

 Remember, commercial radio stations make most of their revenue selling "airtime" to advertisers. Of total media expenditures, radio accounts for 6.9%.  Why don't you get some of that action by using Silktracker jingles and soundtracks!

 Royalty Free Music

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