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“That Says A Lot to Me” is a song with a message, “You Should Never Judge a book by its cover”. Once you get to know a person, they usually turn out to be cool and that means a lot to us. At the young age of 13 and 14, we love our fans and consider them as our family. Just like the message in our song, “That Says A Lot to Me,” you’ll see we are the same girls on and off the stage and we can love relating to our fans. We never judge people on the outside but of the contents in the inside.



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Ever since we were little, we always had that great passion for music...

We remember driving down the road listening to Alicia Keys, imagining and dreaming to become as great as her. We wanted to feel adored by fans and do what we love. Now, at the age of thirteen and fourteen, we have the opportunity to record our first song, "That Says Alot to Me."  To us, the privilege is a key that unlocks the gates to our dreams. 

Safyiah was like a group from the start. We both shared the love and devotion for singing coming from a musical-based family. We loved to sing and throw notes out there until one day we decided to group up. Through thick and thin, we made it this far and recorded our first song, "That Says A Lot to Me." 

We would like to thank our family for always being there for us from the start. They encouraged us, pushed us, and motivated us to follow our dreams. We are thankful that our parents raised us to become great people and to never give up. We would like to thank our friends for encouraging us as well. Our family and friends played a big role in our lives and we are truly thankful for that. We would love to thank God for allowing us to follow our dreams and giving us this talent, and for guiding us through life and our career.

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