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What do you get when you cross intelligence, with an original sense of fashion and a lyricism that knows no bounds? You get D3, thats who. Equal parts MC, sartorialist, and scholar, D3 is a person to be reckoned with, on stage as well as off it.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas' 5th Ward neighborhood, D3 was always on the path of greatness. Beginning his musical career at the age of 9 years old, singing with his mother, he eventually decided to branch off into rap, during the high point of Screw music during the mid-90s. He started to make his own radio mixtapes as “DJ D” on his boombox/recorder and the rest was history.

After coming back to rap a decade later, he teamed up with a college friend, Tominique Roots, aka Nasty Nique, and masterminded a hip-hop duo called “Dirty & Nasty”. 3 years, 2 mixtapes, an EP & LP later, they decided to create solo projects a la Outkast & UGK.

Play Dirty, D3's solo debut, is his first effort and it is definitely his best. The mixtape, hosted by DJ Arsnik of the local group, The Forces, is a tour de force, with songs that span over 20 years of rap music. Heavy bass, hard lyrics, and definite choices in wordplay will make this a mix tape to remember.

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